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Lucky Fish Games has developed a unique gaming platform that focuses on casual casino games for social networks. The social gaming portal allows players to enjoy a variety of creative and fun games while experiencing social benefits like sharing or gifting coins, and organizing tournaments. LuckyFish Games is different from other companies in that it brings a whole new genre of casino games specifically tailored to the world of social networks.

LuckyFish Games are the developers of the successful OMG! Fortune Free Slots Brand. OMG! Fortune allows players to enjoy the social aspect of casino games from their desktop or phone. Users earn coins as they win, or purchase additional ones to play more. Players can plan aparticipate in tournaments with friends, give and receive gifts, and share coins. Daily deals allow even more opportunities to win extra coins. There are also a series of free mini-games and bonus rounds built into the app for casual fun.

The casino app has gained a rabid following of both casino pros and casual players because of the number and quality of casino-style games in the app. Each game of chance and skill is developed in house by Lucky Fish Games with an emphasis on original graphics and interactive gameplay. New games are released regularly on Facebook before rolling out to mobile devices. A new Android version with four new games will be released next week, and available for iOS in December.

OMG! Fortune was an instant hit when it first appeared as a Facebook app in 2012, and has over 8 million users on the social network. This past June, Lucky Fish Games launched the app for Android, and it already boasts 500,000 downloads, making it one of the most popular casino games apps available. Fans have “liked” the app on Facebook over 1.5 million times.

The Facebook page allows millions of fans to interact and connect. It is also one of the ways to speak directly with the game’s much-loved “Jenny Fortune,” a virtual customer service representative that provides personal service to every user.

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